How To Deal With Fat32 To NTFS Conversion?

How To Deal With Fat32 To NTFS Conversion?

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    It’s worth reading these fixing tips if you’re getting Fat32 error while converting NTFS format on your computer. Right click on “This PC” or “My Computer” and look at “Management”, click “Disk Management”.Select the USB drive, right-click it and choose Format. Click Yes.Name the drive above and select “FAT32” file system. Click OK.You can see that the structure is FAT32.

    FAT32 and NTFS are two common file systems used by powerful desktop systems. Although FAT32 is an older version of the file system, it is still popular on many media. Devices like the PS3 still support FAT32 and not the newer NTFS.

    As a result, many people often get stuck in situations where they need to convert NTFS to FAT32 on a hard drive partition. We have all compiled a list of the most efficient ways to convert NTFS to FAT32 without losing valuable data. Name=”part1″>

    Part 1. A Simple Comparison Of FAT32 And NTFS

    As we mentioned earlier, FAT32 and NTFS are the two exclusive file systems used by the operating system to read/write data to any drive. NTFS is a newer computer and technology.A logic that provides a number of benefits, such as a high level of security and very good organizational data.

    Functions FAT32 NTFS Create This was planned in 1977 and is an older version. NTFS was created in 1993 and has been in active use recently. Support

  • Supports files smaller than 2 GB and smaller than 2 TB.
  • Does not support file permissions
  • It can handle large files
  • File permissions have also been tightened.
  • Security Only general permissions offered You can set specific permissions for files and even folders Compression No compression options offered This is where you will probably create separate compression files Fault Tolerance Keep two different copies of the FAT in case of damage It systematically restores files in case of damage

    Note, however, that the older version of the file consists of a number of devicesfiles that still only support the FAT32 file system. This means that if you can have a hard drive with an NTFS partition, you must convert the issue to FAT32 before you can select it.

    While converting an NTFS file system to FAT32 is not difficult, the process can lead to potential data loss, especially if you need to format using insecure methods. So let’s show you different ways to convert NTFS to FAT32 without saving data.

    Part 2: Lossless Convert NTFS To FAT32

    1 Data. AOMEI Partition Wizard

    The most convenient way to sell NTFS to FAT32 is to use a dedicated tool like AOMEI Partition Assistant. Unlike traditional services, AOMEI Partition Assistant leaves your data completely intact, not to mention that it can convert it to 2TB. What’s more, after completing a certain task, you can easily convert the FAT32 partition back to NTFS.

    Follow these steps to convert NTFS to FAT32 using AOMEIPartition Assistant.1:

    Step Just install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant on your Windows PC and select “Convert NTFS to FAT32”.

    Step 2. In the next separate window, select “NTFS to FAT32” and click “Next”.

    converting ntfs format fat32

    Step 3. You will now be prompted to select the partition type you want to convert. Make sure you select the correct section.

    Consider the following steps. A pop-up window usually asks for confirmation of your actions. Just click “Continue” to continue the approach.

    That’s it; The file system is actually converted to FAT32 and you can access the dedicated operating system almost without interruption.

    2. Reduce The Size Of An NTFS Drive Using Windows Disk Management

    Another way to convert NTFS to FAT32 without data loss is to use the Windows Disk Management tool. However, instead of formatting the drive directly to FAT32, you must first reduce the volume to half its size if you want to protect your data.

    Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to converting to NTFS if you want to migrate to FAT32 with the packagem disk management without data loss.

    Step 2: Right-click the highlighted section and select Shrink Size.

    Step 3. Size owners want to reduce the size and select “decrease”.

    Step 4: After shrinking the volume, format the drive as FAT32 and also move the data from the new FAT32 partition to ntfs.

    converting ntfs format fat32

    Step 5. The next step is to remove the NTFS partition. This will create a new unallocated trust space.

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  • Step 6: Right-click the FAT32 partition again and select Extend Volume. Now select the unallocated space and optionally click “Expand”.

    This is what you will most likely restore to full size without losing any data. However, since this is a rather complicated process, it is better to turn to AOMEI Partition Assistant to do this job.

    Part 3: Convert NTFS To FAT32 With – Direct Format (Data Loss)

    If you don’t need to install third party software and using Windows Disk Management seems like a daunting task, a more convenient option would beIt will directly archive NTFS files on the disk to FAT32. However, direct formatting will erase all data from the drive, so it’s best that the program makes sure to back up all files before continuing with the process.

    Here are three different ways to manually format a drive from NTFS to FAT32.

    1. CMD

    Step 1: Expand the Start menu and type “CMD” in the Cortana search box. Right-click the final search result and select “Open Administrator As”.

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