Best Way To Fix Linux Kernel Version Issues When Testing Debian

Best Way To Fix Linux Kernel Version Issues When Testing Debian

Over the past few days, some readers have told us that Debian has been testing a release of the Linux kernel.

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    Debian 11 will be supported for five years and is based on the Linux 5.10 series kernel, sometimes released in December, with long-term support of two to seven years. The Debian 11 release is based on several desktop environments including Gnome 3.38, KDE Plasma 5.20, LXDE ten, LXQt 0.16, MATE 1.24 and Xfce 4.16.

    What kernel does Debian 10 use?

    Debian 10 ships with Linux kernel version 4.19. Available desktops include Cinnamon 3.8, GNOME 3.30, KDE Plasma 5.14, LXDE 0.99.

    Keywords: System administration: kernel or modules, Role: metapackage

    Linux For PC 64-bit (metapackage)

    This package depends on the latest Linux kernel and modules for PC use.with AMD64, Intel 64 or VIA Nano processors.

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  • away:image-linux-5.15.0-3-amd64(= 5.15.15-2)
    Linux 5.15 for 64-bit PC (signed)
  • Download Linux-image-amd64

    [list of most commonly associated files]
    Download all available architectures
    Architecture package size Set Size files
    amd64 1.4 KB 13.0 KB
    acpi-call-dkms (1.1.0-6)
    Kernel entity that allows calling ACPI methods
    Atmel firmware (1.3-6) [not free]
    Atmel at76c50x wireless firmware.
    bbswitch-dkms (0.8–10)
    Interface if you plan to replace the power supply on NVIDIA Video Optimus (dkms) cards
    bbswitch-source (0.8-10)
    Switch interface for specific NVIDIA Optimus video card power supply
    Firmware Bluez (1.2-7) [Paid]
    Firmware for Bluetooth devices
    Broadcom-sta-dkms ( Source [non-free]
    dkms for Broadcom STA wireless driver
    source dahdi (1:
    DAHDI Telephony Slot – Kernel Driver Source
    Collection of graphics drivers for tablets from the DIGImend project
    dkms (2.8.7-2)
    Dynamic kernel support module structure
    dm-writeboost-dkms (2.2.15-1)
    log structure caching for Linux
    dpdk-kmods-dkms (0~20220111+git-1)
    Data plane development kit (1 (dkms)


    Virtual Display Interface Driver Kernel Extensible Module
    firmware-amd-graphics (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for AMD/ATI graphics chips
    firmware-ast (20140808-4) [not free]
    Binary Firmware for Graphic Design Chips by ASpeed ​​Technologies
    firmware-atheros (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for Qualcomm Atheros wireless cards
    firmware installer-b43 (1:019-7) [message]
    Firmware for b43 driver installation
    firmware-b43legacy-installer (1:019-7) [message]
    Firmware if you are installing the b43legacy driver
    firmware-bnx2 (20210818-1) [not free]
    Broadcom NetXtremeII binary firmware
    firmware-bnx2x (20210818-1) [not free]
    Broadcom NetXtreme II 10GB Binary Firmware
    firmware-brcm80211 (20210818-1) [not free]
    Binary Firmware for Broadcom/Cypress 802.11 Wireless Card
    firmware-cavium (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware to support Cavium Ethernet adapters
    Intel Sound Firmware (20210818-1) [not free]
    Binary firmware for Intel Audio DSP processors
    firmware-intelwimax (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for Intel WiMAX connection
    firmware-ipw2x00 (20210818-1) [not free]
    Binary firmware for Intel Pro Wireless 2100, 2200 and 2915
    firmware-ivtv (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for iTVC15 family MPEG codecs (ivtv and pvrusb2 drivers)
    firmware-iwlwifi (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for Intel wireless adapters
    firmware-libertas (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for WLAN Marvell prepaid cards
    Free firmware for Linux (20200122-1)
    Binary firmware for various drivers porting the Linux kernel
    firmware-miscellaneous-non-free (20210818-1) [not free] atnoe]
    Binary-only firmware for various Linux kernel drivers
    firmware-myricom (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary Firmware for Myri 10G Ethernet Adapter
    firmware-netronome (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware associated with Netronome network adapters
    firmware-netxen (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware to create QLogic Intelligent Ethernet (3000 series and therefore 3100 series)
    firmware-qcom-media (20210818-1) [free]
    Qualcomm Graphics/Video Binary firmware (dummy package)
    firmware-qcom-soc (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for Qualcomm SoC
    firmware-qlogic (20210818-1) [not free]
    Binary firmware for QLogic HBA
    firmware-realtek (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for Realtek Wired/Wifi/BT adapters
    firmware-samsung (20210818-1) [free]
    Binary firmware for Samsung MFC film codecs
    firmware-siano (20210818-1) [non-free]
    Binary firmware for Siano MDTV receiver
    soft-signed firmware (1.9-1) [non-free]
    Intel SOF Firmware – Signed
    firmware-ti-connectivity (20210818-1) Firmware [paid]
    binary adapters over Wi-Fi and BT/FM/GPS from TI Connectivity
    flashingka-zd1211 (1:1.5-7) [not free]
    binary firmware for native driver zd1211rw
    wireless gnumach-image-1-486 (2:1.8+git20211230-7)
    GNU version of my Mach (microkernel 2:1
    The GNU version of this particular microkernel
    gnumach-image-1 mach.8-486 (2:1.8+git20211230-7)
    GNU version of all microkernels
    gnumach-image-1 mach.8-xen-486 (2:1.8+git20211230-7)
    GNU version of Mach for the Xen microkernel
    gost-crypto-dkms (0.3.3-1)
    Parts of the Linux kernel implementing GOST (1 cipher
    Current multiload game
    Runtime Kernel Security Hardening (2)
    Run-time protected design files
    iptables-netflow-dkms (2.6-2)
    iptables whose target generates network flows
    jool-dkms (4.1.SIIT 6-1)
    Kernel based and NAT64 (IP/ICMP translation)
    jool-tools (4.1.6-1)
    userspace for using Jool core modules
    ksmtuned (4.20150326)
    include and optimize the same core page (0 merge
    Kernel driver for Vices / Noctar IQ demodulator board
    Source for many driver LEDs from PCEngine ALIX 2/3 boards
    librem-ec-acpi-dkms (0.9.1-2)
    dkms driver sources for EC In acpi Purism Librem devices
    lime-forensics-dkms (1.9.1-3)
    Kernel module memory (DKMS) to run
    Linux-based (4.8)
    Linux image base package
    linux-compiler-gcc-11-arm (5.15.15-2)
    Compiler via Linux on ARM (metapackage)
    linux-compiler-gcc-11-s390 (5.15.15-2)
    Compiler to build IBM zSeries on Linux (metapackage)
    linux-compiler-gcc-11-x86 (5.15.15-2)
    Compiler due to Linux x86 on (meta package)
    linux-config-5.15 (5.15.15-2)
    Debian kernel configurations for 5 linux.15
    linux-headers-4kc-malta (5.15.15-2)
    Headers available for Linux 4kc-Malta-Layout files (meta package)
    Header files for Linux 5.15.0-3-4kc-malta
    Personal folder header for Linux 5.15.0-3-5kc-malta
    linux-headers-5.15.0-3-686 (5.15.15-2)
    Header data files for Linux 5.15.0-3-686
    linux-headers-5.15.0-3-686-pae (5.15.15-2)
    Header files associated with Linux 5.15.0-3-686-pae
    linux-headers-5.15.0-3-amd64 (5.15.15-2)
    Header files for Linux 5.15.0-3-amd64
    linux-headers-5.15.0-3-arm64 (5.15.15-2)
    Header files for Linux 5.15.0-3-arm64
    linux-headers-5.15.0-3-armmp (5.15.15-2)
    Header files for Linux 5.15.0-3-armmp

    debian testing linux kernel version

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