How To Fix Problems Editing The Win.ini File In Windows XP

How To Fix Problems Editing The Win.ini File In Windows XP

In recent days, some of our users have encountered a known error while modifying the win.ini file in Windows XP. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. We’ll cover them below.

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    To view or change success from. ini on Windows, use the special utilities sysedit or msconfig. Typically use command line editing statements. Windows XP is looking for a few more entries in this profit.

    Where is win INI file?

    VICTORY. The INI file is located exactly in the C: SYSTEMS directory.

    This section describes the system specific boot WIN file, .INI, and how to do it Changes using the “msconfig.exe” schema configuration tool.

    Where is boot INI file in Windows XP?

    ini is a Microsoft initialization file that can be found on Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems. This data is always found in the root directories of the primary hard drive. In other words, it is located in the C: directory or on the C drive.

    Like SYSTEM.INI, WIN.INI was another system boot data file.which was used in versions related to the Microsoft Windows operating system has reverted to Windows 3.11.to save the basic configuration at startup.Many of these temporary workers were noted in Windows 9x as leaking files especially slowly.in favor of each Windows registry. Windows XP runs some additional recognizable entries in WIN.INI,for backward compatibility, including legacy 16-bit applications.


    WIN.INI file is executed in the C: SYSTEMS directory.Here are the actual contents of WIN.INI on my Windows XP-connected system:

    C: herong type C: windows win.ini; 16-bit for application support[Letters][Extensions][mci extensions][Files][To post]AEFI = 1SMS = 1CMCDLLNAME32 = mapi32.dllCMCDLLNAME = mapi.dllMAPIX = 1MAPISVER = Messaging = 1[MCI.BAK extensions]aif = MPEG videoaifc = MPEG videoaiff = MPEGVideoasf = MPEG videoasx = MPEG videoau = MPEGVideom1v = MPEG videom3u = MPEG videomp2 = MPEG videomp2v = MPEG videomp3 = MPEG videompa = MPEG videompe = MPEG videompeg = MPEG videompg = MPEGvi ompv2 = MPEG videosnd = MPEG videoWax = MPEG videowm = MPEG videowma = MPEG videowmv = MPEG videowmx = MPEG videowpl = MPEG videowvx = MPEG video[Scientific calculation]Layout = 0…

    If you run “msconfig.exe” and go to the WIN.INI tab, you will see that all settings are restored.in.ini are displayed with checkboxes that you can enable or disable:

    msconfig WIN.INI

    how to edit the win.ini file in windows xp

    WIN-.INI System Startup File Administration – Update 2021 by Dr. Herong Yan

    How do I edit a .INI file?

    ini ‘in Notepad ++. It is not customary to open or edit INI files, but unfortunately they can be opened and restructured with any text editor. Double clicking the INI file will of course open it in Windows Notepad.

    WIN.INI is a base INI file that was used in Windows environmentally friendly versions up to Windows 3.11 to preserve basic settings at startup. By default, all Windows 3.x fonts, communication drivers, murals, screen savers, and installation languages ​​were initially saved in WIN.INI. Many of these settings were taken into account in Windows. Although 9x, folders were introduced gradually and in favor of the Windows Registry. Windows XP still has a few confirmed entries in the WIN.INI file for backward compatibility with older 16-bit applicationsand. However, in a clean install with reference to XP, the generated WIN.INI music file is initially empty, and in Windows Vista and Windows 3, the WIN.INI file was completely removed. [1]

    how to edit the win.ini file in windows xp

    Prior to Windows 3.0, it was not uncommon for applications to store their learning settings in a WIN.INI file (via GetProfileString). With the release of Windows 3.0 in 1990, Microsoft introduced the special concept of “private” INI videos (i.e. their files.[2]Today, Microsoft recommends other useful methods for saving customizations in packages.


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  • Microsoft 1 specialized editors for the main configuration parts (such as WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI, CONFIG.SYS, in addition to AUTOEXEC.BAT) with its operating systems. Sysedit is an mdi text editor that opens all of these files at the same time and is available on all Windows versions since Windows 3.x. MSConfig, included with Windows 98 and later, Windows 2000 only, [3] is a simpler application that allows the user to enable or disable drivers and applications that are constantly loaded by files specified in Startup and Run , RunEx, and the RunOnce registry keys.WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI are usually included in modern versions, see attachedWindows data to support 16-bit applications. 16 bit concepts can be wrong if these 2 versions are not in C: Windows.

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    Have you ever been asked to edit the Boot.ini file?Make changes to the boot count of your system? If so, then you know the exercise. Pin upHidden images, find the Boot file the.File, ini disable some read-only attributes, loadfile in Notepad, make changes and re-enable write protectionAttribute.Is

    is, however, a simpler option in Windows XP. systemThe configuration of the utility includes a Boot.ini tab which appears to have a graphical interface for pasting andremove entries from your boot.ini. The Boot.ini tab is specifically used here:

    1. access one of our startup typeska and Msconfig.exe commands in which the text and field click OK.
    2. Select Open the .ini tab.

    You can now find almost the most common optionsthe Boot.ini file by simply clicking on the control buttons and checking the boxes or sometimes the radioKeys. When you’re done, just click Apply or OK. When you click OK,System setup will display a chat window and ask for help restarting.computer for the conversion to take effect.

    Can you manually edit the boot INI file?

    You can also use a boat. ini using the System Configuration Utility (Msconfig.exe). To run the real System Configuration Utility, click Start, select Run With Mouse, type msconfig in the Open box, and click OK.

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